April 28, 2013

Caramel Apple Pop cocktail recipe for ya’ll

i know you guys like embarassing drinks as much as I do, so plz enjoy this recipe I craftily concocted.

You’ll need:
-Stoli salted caramel vodka. Since this exists, it’s also proof that god does.
-apple pucker.
-unflavored perrier. Or sprite, if your pancreas is feeling brave.
-ice (duh)

Get whatever cup you have that’s clean. A coffee mug works just as well as a martini glass. Then, Throw some ice in thurr. Add a dash or more than a dash of the vodka*, a splash of the Pucker, and top with Perrier. Should be a nice light green color. I personally like a bit more caramel flavor, but do you. If you like apple more, use more apple. Whatever! Drink several, feel awesome now, feel terrible tomorrow and send me msgs detailing what you are having for hangover breakfast.**

*pronounce it “vahkka” for a real at da clurb douchbag time.
**Vanilla milkshake is the ultimate hangover cure. Pro tip.

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